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Discipline is just choosing what you want now, and what you want most.”

You asked for it and now it’s here! 

The short of it:

What: Friends and Family Paleo Challenge – TEAM edition

Where: CrossFit Reflex and beyond!!!

Cost: $50

When: June 1st 


Do you find yourself saying you wish you were more disciplined, or that you want to lose body fat, but you just don’t have the motivation?   Well the time for change is NOW.

Welcome to the 2014 Friends and Family Paleo Challenge – TEAM edition!!!

This challenge is open to ALL members of CrossFit Reflex AND family members, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and anyone who is tired of always saying “I wish.” Mom, dad, Uncle Ben, Aunt Josie, your roommate, brother, whoever they may be, get them up and off the couch and ready for a change.

This challenge will be unlike any challenge ever seen here at CrossFit Reflex.  You will be bound to 3 other individuals, working as a unit, encouraging one another, sacrificing for one another, and most importantly achieving success and making important changes in your health and fitness WITH one another.

Teams will be comprised of 4 individuals.  Each team will need to have one designated team captain.  There will be a sign up sheet on the community board at the gym.  Remember, this is open to ALL friends & family, so if you have someone who would like to be on your team, sign them up!  All coaches are available to be on a team also should you want them!

Cost: $50/person

**Included in the $50 will be a standard 9-point caliper body fat test to determine before and after body fat percentage.

***We will be having a body fat testing truck come out to perform hydrostatic body fat testing on Sunday June 1.  This is the most accurate way to test body fat.  If you would like to have your body fat tested in this manner, you will be responsible for paying the additional cost when the truck comes out and it will be in addition to the $50 Paleo challenge cost.  The more people we have who sign up for this, the cheaper the test and re-test will be for every one!!!  There will be a sign up sheet on the community board for this as well.

More details will come, as we get closer.  For right now, grab some people and start making teams.  We will all have more fun and see better results the more teams sign up for the challenge .  There will be smaller challenges incorporated weekly in order to get extra points for your team.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and more importantly, get us BIKINI READY.

We have some challenge veterans out there…Jane, Alinna, Dean, Pavel…These people have the dedication to take it far, so if I were you, I would grab them to be on your team, ASAP!!!!

GET GOING! Sign up on the community board.



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