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Try our FREE introductory class where we will introduce you to CrossFit and some of the basic movements you will see when you begin your CrossFit training. We will evaluate your fitness level and decide what movements will be the best starting point for you. We will instruct you on how to perform the movements and then put you through a workout that will include the new movements you just learned. This is your opportunity to ask us questions and get a feel for what CrossFit is about. We know you’ll love it, but we give you a taste just to make sure! After the free intro class you can decide if you want to sign up and begin CrossFit!

Step 3: Enroll in our ON-RAMP Training Course

Everyone who is new to CrossFit will enter into our On Ramp Program in order to learn basic competency in our foundational movements, correct form, proper technique, full range of motion, intensity, and consistency. This is to ensure your safety and success when starting CrossFit. Enrollment in On Ramp is $149 in a small group session or $249 for private 1 on 1 on-ramp training. After you graduate from our On Ramp Program you may begin to take the daily WOD and fully immerse yourself in CrossFit. Members who are currently in the On Ramp Program on the way to graduation will be allowed to take the Body Burn classes. Those that have CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting experience, are healthy and active, may attempt to test out of the On Ramp Program.

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