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Kyle Knox, D.C. CCSP

dr-knoxAs a young athlete, injuries came with the territory. During my pop-warner football days, I had suffered a pretty severe back injury. I went through all sorts of therapy and never really had any relief. That was until I started with a sports doctor who used simple blocking to correct my pelvis and took pressure off my spine. After three weeks of care, I was back on the field and ready to play. It was because of Sports Chiropractic that I was able to enjoy my career as a young athlete and have the ability to play to my potential.

My passion for Chiropractic wasn’t realized until I worked at Schroeder Center for Healthy Living. Dr. Terry showed me the true gift of Chiropractic and all it had to offer to an athlete, mom, dad, office worker, and even the newborn child. During Chiropractic school I knew athletics was my motivation. I dedicated my school career to learn the art of Chiropractic and how it could benefit the young and seasoned athlete. I was fortunate to learn from the leaders in Sports Chiropractic who utilized Chiropractic care and soft tissue manipulation in the office and on the field. While interning with the San Jose ballet and PCCW sports council, I was able to learn the skills needed to manage a wide range of athletic injuries using Chiropractic adjustment, instrument assisted soft tissue technique, and MRT. I have attained the CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) certification (100+ hours of continuing education specifically for a sports doctor).
From 2010 to 2012 I served as head Chiropractor for USA Water Polo. During that time I traveled the world and collaborated with leaders in sports medicine. It is my goal to provide the families and athletes of the Conejo Valley with essential tools needed to attain true health with increased vitality. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP


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