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logo-crossfit_reflex-icon@2xCrossFit Reflex is founded from a family of dedicated coaches brought together by the belief in the foundations of CrossFit. Owned and operated by husband and wife Luke and Monica Jacobsma, CrossFit Reflex goes beyond being solely a place to workout. It is a place where strangers enter, community is developed, friendships manifest, and the end result is a CrossFit family.

We are a CrossFit that believes better movement and increased range of motion are the pivotal cornerstones of fitness. Quality coaching and attention to detail play a crucial part of your experience in a CrossFit gym. The stimulus provided is constantly varied and the results are dramatic. The atmosphere at CrossFit Reflex is one of support and camaraderie open to anyone willing to put in the work.

Here at CrossFit Reflex our family is diverse. We have high school and college athletes, teachers, engineers, nurses and doctors. We have moms, dads, firefighters, police officers, and EMT’s. Our family has members who are young, old, and everywhere in between. Can you relate? The things they share are motivation, integrity, and hard work. Those are the characteristics upon which we have built our business and family.

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