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"Moves like Jagger"

"Moves like Jagger"

Skill:With a parter, accumulate 6 rounds of 30" handstand hold (Freestanding) WOD "Cindy"20m AMRAP5 pull ups10 push ups15 air squats[...]
Where's your head at at..Where's your head at?

Where's your head at at..Where's your head at?

Strength:Find 1Rm in the following complex1 snatch grip DL + power snatch + OHS WOD (20 min cap)3 Rounds3 hang squat snatch (115/75)18 ab mat sit ups6 OHS 18 T2B9 KBS (70/53)60" plank[...]
"Hot for your hammies"

"Hot for your hammies"

Strength:Sumo Stance Deadlifts (HAP)5-5Deadlifts (HAP)5-5-5 WOD (20 min cap)Buy in: 800m Run5 Rounds12 C2B6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)Buy Out: 800m Run[...]

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