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CrossFit Reflex is a fitness facility branded around one thing – RESULTS.  If you have wanted to try CrossFit in Santa Monica, we can assure you we are the best.   Drop in today and see how we can help you meet your fitness goals.

What’s Happening at CrossFit Reflex

"Weight watchers"

"Weight watchers"

Backsquat 5@80% 5@85 5@90 5@95 5@100 superset with 10 ab wheel roll outs WOD 12-10-8-6-4-2 DB GTO (45/35) SA DB OHS 50 DU[...]


Power clean 2x3@85% 2x3@90% 1x3@95% superset with 5 strict HSPU WOD 12 min amrap 7 hang power snatches (95/65) 7 HSPU 14 box jumps (36/30)[...]
"Napa and beyond"

"Napa and beyond"

8 min EMOM 20" T2B WOD 5 Rounds 10 kipping pull ups 88' OHWL (45/25) 15 Russian KBS (88/70) 20 box jumps (30/24)[...]

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