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"Santa Surprise"

"Santa Surprise"

^ Marco and Monica in October of 2013 and then again at todays WOD.  It is amazing what CrossFit can do for your body and also for your friendships. Inside the box and outside, Monica and Marco can of[...]
"Person of Interest"

"Person of Interest"

12/17/14Strength:Power Snatch 3-3-3 @85%WOD (25 min cap)7 cleans (185/125)7 strict pull ups400m run7 KBS (70/53)7 push ups [...]
"Got a list of long ex lovers"

"Got a list of long ex lovers"

12.16.14Strength:12-12-12-12-12Front Rack Lunges (175/125) WOD (20 min cap)15-12-9-6-3RDL (245/185)Thrusters (45/35)Burpee toe 2 bar [...]

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