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"Kettlebell Hell" Might be an understatement

"Kettlebell Hell" Might be an understatement

WOD 9.26.14 1 Mile run for time This is the very first WOD Luke did when he went to OCCF for the first time.  Having this WOD as his first CrossFit experience made him feel very defeated as someone[...]
"Bow Bautista"

"Bow Bautista"

WOD 9.24.14Stephanie is one of our original OG's.  She was one of the very first members to walk through our door.  Don't let her beauty fool you, Stephanie is a crusher of WODS.  She is getting marri[...]
"V for Vesterstrom"

"V for Vesterstrom"

 Jesper or "Yesper" as it's pronounced, is our Danish male model and former world champion wind surfer. Being a former professional athlete, everyone in the gym knows him for his incredible endurance,[...]

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